What makes us Beautiful?

What makes us Beautiful?


So what makes us Beautiful? Our clothes, our make-ups, our shoes…? What exactly are the ingredients of beauty?

Too long we have been told or made to believe that We as Girls should talk softly, talk less, wear clothes that hide our skin etc. Those advertisements in T.V we have grown up with sold us the idea that it is the fair skin tone which is Beautiful. We have been told to control our weights, because “Fat people are not beautiful” right?

Girls are being taught to abide the men in their lives and live up to their expectations.We are being taught to be “sanskari” because that’s how girls should be right!! Because being “sanskari”is Beautiful!!

To apply fairness creams and stay slim. Apply maskara and kajal to look beautiful but then it’s okay to endure violence and smudge them in tears. The Society has set so many standards regarding…

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Love never tells us It will be all Fairies and White Horses But sometimes Lovevis Dark clouds and Bad Dreams. But Does that mean We give up on this one thing that gives us a reason to Live? DEFINITELY NOT! 🙂 It may be Tragic but even then it will be tragically beautiful.


I will remember your small room, the feel of you, the light in the window, the clashes in our playlist, our afternoon coffees, our bodies tangled together, your shadow, your soul and the warmth of your laugh which made me smile. 

Sometimes, relationships are not only about the love. And more than that, it is about knowing yourself better. You learn about yourself, and actually start thinking about yourself. To love someone is to loose yourself but it is also about finding yourself all over again. We regret some people in our lives but what we don’t regret are the lessons they taught us. Love doesn’t require to prove your worth or sit in anxiety. It is something free-flowing, something simple. something that allows to be you, without any question.

Sharing a life with someone is really a difficult task but obviously not impossible, sometimes you need to take a…

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FAILURE… We give this word so much power that it starts controlling us eventually. A few of us fight it and become the HEROES. Rest of us? Lost in the whirlwind of life. We grow up and forget that we fell even when we took our first little step. We fell when we first learned to ride bicycle.SO, Basically a Fall is meant for a beginning and a failure is meant for success.

That’s why I am writing today. It’s midnight and It’s one of the longest night for me. I have probably emptied my tear gland and it’s like “How much more do you want from me?Give me a break!” and I just need to write ( My only solace )

I just look at those people who suffered so much in life and I despise myself that I complain so much about little thing. Looking at some people now I wonder How god was so unfair to them…But then I wait and turn and look at them again. That’s when i see them radiating vibrant energy, radiating strength, courage, sheer will-power and I feel honored. I feel blessed I met ’em.

My Friend, A girl I have known for a few months now. She is one such person. Today, it’s her birthday. Today it’s the death anniversary of the one person she loved dearly. Her FIRST LOVE. Now try to keep yourself in  her shoes, do you think you can endure that? I tried doing that and I am still disturbed. And then I feel so naive complaining how my FIRST LOVE devastated me. Really? If that’s what devastation means then what do I call her grief as?

And I always took pride over the fact that I was emotionally strong. Then I call her up and she says in her sweet voice ” I will celebrate my Birthday and I will be happy. For HIM.” and it hit me hard. Such strength is so inspiring. Such strength is so commendable.

She’s my Friend.It’s her birthday. But she gifted me the most precious gift “STRENGTH” “WILL””LESSON ON TRUE SELFLESS LOVE”. She is cute,she’s beautiful, she’s sweet natured, She’s funny, she’s crazy, she’s an amazing human being. But deep down,behind the veil of her beautiful face, her gorgeous smile, I saw a PHOENIX today.

“From the ashes she emerged as a new life”

There are times when the world we live in starts to disintegrate. But the pain , if directed can lead us to STRENGTH. Losing Hope and Giving up is never an option. Isn’t LIFE too precious a gift?




It took almost a week to convince Aakriti to fly towards her dream. Dream she held close to her heart since years. Dreams she can’t remember now. But her best friends believed that pursuing her only dream will give her opportunity to find herself now. She was lost and they hated the fact that the once happy-go-lucky girl they knew had lost her soul with her memories. It was like Aakriti was left alone in some Desert island. Only they didn’t notice the extra bounce in her walks and the wider curve of her lips in Ashish’s presence.

But she agreed finally. She had to, Ashish wanted her free. Free from the pain clasped tight inside her heart. Grief of the death of her parents. Grief of losing her memories. And she wanted to trust him. She wanted her friends to be proud of her. And more than anything She wanted a new start. She needed a beginning to her life with Him someday, Someday if it’s meant to be.

It was October 1st when finally she was packed for her dream destination. She hugged them and that one moment made her realize what these people meant to her. She closed her eyes to hide her tears. Tears of going away from her escapade she found in them. Tears of the anxiety of being alone in a foreign place. But their eyes sparked with her dreams, dreams she saw until she forgot all about it. And she couldn’t have let them down.

Ashish volunteered to take her to the airport and she couldn’t have asked for something more than this. Will he miss her? Did her realize how she felt? Did her eyes fail to hide her love for him? There were these thousand questions colliding with each other inside her mind. She peeked a look at him trying to memorize every bit of his features for the next two years. She wanted to be held by him. She wanted to be told by him that two years will fly easily and he will wait for her. But wait, he didn’t love her…did he? She won’t be selfish enough to confess her feelings and neither she could afford to lose this one person’s friendship. So she just stared. Stared into nothing, embracing everything she felt in this few months, packing them inside her heart with the secure lock of her tears that escaped her eyes silently sealing them up.

They reached airport and she got down to get her bags from the car’s back seat.

“Hey i want to tell you something” Ashish spoke suddenly from behind her..” Please tell me not to leave”She squeezed her eyes shut and  prayed desperately. She spun around slowly to look into his eyes and managed a frail smile.

” Tell me you will realize your passion. You will never grieve upon past.You will live like a bird ready to soar high. You will be the hero who fights. And even with failures and heart-breaks you won’t give up. Promise me” Ashish spoke in a very serious tone and though his concern and well wishes for her means a lot, it broke her heart.

“Damn, he won’t stop me. How can i be so foolish. I am just his friend he wants to see happy and I am being selfish expecting too much from him” Aakriti told herself.

“I PROMISE I  WILL COME BACK STRONGER AND MAKE YOU ALL PROUD OF ME”She hugged him for the one last time. She felt the touch of his skin against her and promised herself to return as a person who is whole rather than burdening Ashish with all the brokenness inside her. She inhaled the smell of his cologne for one last time. She felt the warmth and the comfort of his embrace for one last time.

Slowly she walked away from him. She walked away in the quest for her identity. She didn’t dare to look back because it would have made her weak. Leaving him and the feeling of being  “home” was not easy. But her promise to him to be a fighter gave her the strength she needed. She will survive everything waiting for her, she knew. And thus she stepped through the airport door to the announcement of her flight to PARIS.

Sometimes we just wish for love to come to us when we want it but the time may not be right for it. Love is not meant to be found unless we are to find our-self.Love is not even selfish to be demanded neither selfish enough to stop your growth. Love is not always togetherness but sometimes love is meant to be done from a distance. Sometimes Love is a wishful departure to find strength rather than a togetherness full of weaknesses.





The Last Letter

With the tears, With the cries;

I lost you more and more..

Till one day I only had your memories by my side.

The smile on your lips,

The tender loving touch of your fingers,

The fight defining our love for each other;

All was washed away.


Showers of Rain washed away your memories of mine,

But I hold on to those of mine tight;

Because now those memories are the one thing now,

How my first love was to be defined.


A parchment of paper was my last gift to you,

Try to Telling you I loved you true;

Lost in midst of emotions

you kept it safe for years…

And I believed I was still a part of ur heart:

But I was so wrong,

You were gone forever..

With the last letter,you took a part of me with you..


And I lost a part of who I am, FOREVER!



The place was dark and deserted,

He chose it as his abode far away from us

We couldn’t stop him when he left.


We tried for days, weeks and months ;

But he hid himself with the invisible cloak and we gave up.

And we also walked our life with the tick of the clock..


Months passed by and then years

We never found our friend dear.

He was lonely , He was lost

Maybe he was weak, Maybe he needed us

We never much gave a thought.


We had our wings growing big,

We soared high enough in our flight,

But Maybe He was there somewhere below lost and lonely in some dark and dusty street.


I miss him and I know so do you.

We will find him soon and bring him back to us.

No matter what stand in way;

We will let him chose, We will give our hand

If he still chooses his dark abode,

We will find a way to light up that place.







Purely divine white

It bloomed amongst wilderness;

Enticing beauty of its delicate petals

Spreading its delighted essence

An aroma into the air.


A vase of rare orchids I desired

Flawless beauty of its own

Healing the mind and the soul.

It’s magic casted a spell

And i surely knew it was from some mystical land.


A Vase of rare orchids I desired:

Sure was never a easy find.

No door was found to the mystical land

I was no Alice to find a wonderland.

The GOD of the pure land of the orchids,

Never heard my prayers;

I ended up holding a bunch of

Withered  wild flowers.








YES! My heart cries over those hundreds of demise;

I wish the world would be really some place nice,

Where there’s no wars to win,

No Victory to achieve…

No Rise to power, no fall from it either;

Wish the very word didn’t snatch our right to survive.


Bloodshed is a intolerable crime.

Religion isn’t what it divides,

Isn’t Humanity the one and only that should thrive?

Open your eyes dear people,

My heart still cries…


My heart cries for the Whole World; our home where everyone of us resides.

I see blood shed and they are all the same color,

Then I question…

If the little kid, the pregnant women, the young girl with dreams;

The old father or The grandfather of those orphans that died,

Did the terrorist ask them their religion that night?

I won’t Pray for Paris, I won’t Pray for India..

I WILL RATHER pray for our World, 

FOR Our WORLD to survive and thrive,

End this Evil together and One day Happily Smile.



I won’t be telling you now

Hopefully, Someday you will be realizing somehow

What you meant to me, when you were too busy to see;

When your warm hands clasped mine for a moment

I was already in love with you by then;

When you pulled my cheeks

I already wanted a story of us inked.

But I dared not speak up,

The fear of losing you shook me up…

You were a stranger meant much more to me,

Those street lights and the busy street were the observer,

But you failed to see.

Those “good morning” texts meant you’re my early morning prayer,

Those poems of mine, shouted out loud

Yet you failed to hear.

Now, I am leaving far away from you

But your residence is my very heart

Years from now, we will meet in a distant land,

Try listen to the unsung song, if possible,

My heart even then will be beating for you..

Years from now,

You will still be in my silent prayers like you are NOW!


I would find the world to which we belong;

Would love to walk miles,

If only he would have walked along..

But then,

I see his dreams create wonders.

I see his eyes sparkle with his dreams..

He’s a dream chaser..

I would have loved to hold his hand,

Wake up to his smile..

But if he wants to walk alone for miles..

I would love to let him go with a smile.

My love is deeper than the oceans

Happier than the waves singing those love songs,

And beautiful like the drops of the drizzle chorusing along…

I will let him go now..

For love don’t need the promise of time..

One fine day, he may become mine..

His dreams are high,

He needs a leap of fait; and he will climb;

I will wait until then,

For I love him

And he loves his dreams

Then one fine day,

I would give anything for that smile,

Which took years to be divine!